Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, who fulfills a believer’s need, Allah has fulfilled many needs, the least which is heaven

Mr. Tawakal Ahmadyar, Director General Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, appreciated and thanked the humanitarian assistance and good feelings of Afghan businessmen residence in China, who provided medical supplies and Covid-19 test kits in order to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the current situation of the country. He also stated that, Private sector of the country does not spare any effort in fighting the spread of Coronavirus and helping people and understand this as their national duty and responsibility toward their countrymen.

Dr. Shafiqullah Shaheem deputy minister of Public Health appreciated the assistance of Afghan businessmen provided in cooperation with the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment and called it very important and valuable in the current situation for the people of Afghanistan. In continue, Mr. Abudul Karim Malikyar deputy minister of Commerce and industry also appreciated the humanitarian assistance of Afghan businessmen and university students resident in China, who precept the current situation and the urgent need to fight and prevent the spread of the coronavirus and helped for the treatment of the afflicted patients. He also assured that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is putting serious efforts for keeping open country's border for trade goods. As well as, he announced the start of exports through air corridors in the coming days.

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, in continuation of its efforts and cooperation with the Afghan government in preventing the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and treating afflicted patients of coronavirus, delivered a large package of medical equipment and devices which was supplied by the afghan businessmen, university students and Afghanistan Pharmaceutical Services Union resident in China to Afghan ministry of Public health free of charge. The One million US dollars assistance package includes 5,000 Corona virus test kits, 200 thermometer pins, 1,000 masks, 3,100 zinc protective masks, 2,000 glass masks, 20 oxygen devices and 2,100 protective clothing packages.

Mr. Seyed Zaman Hashemi, Chief of Executive of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and investment, notified the provision of assistance by the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment distributed so for to the needy and poor families in Kabul and different provinces and ensured their commitment for more support and cooperation to needy people of the country.