ACCI provides internship program for Afghan Private business

ACCI in collaboration with (GIZ) through sustainable Economic Development and Employment promotion program inaugurate three months internship program for the Afghan business, in Kabul.

This program is focused to provide job opportunities for returnees, IDPs which has been displaced due to security and climate challenges, from other provinces and resettled in Kabul.

This event launched in the presences of Mr. Alhaj Ghulam Nabi Eidezada ACCI BOD and Mr. Shafiqullah Atayee deputy to Policy & technical affairs of ACCI and 50 interns were also attended in this event, Mr. Atayee appreciated the GIZ’s collaboration and cooperation, that they have in deferent areas he said “ this is a great opportunity for those interns who don’t have sufficient working experience and seeking jobs and having some skills, they are now able to take advantages of current program, Mr. Atayee hopes that, this type of programs which can allow IDPs and Returnees who they are seeking jobs and have different skills, will be continued in the future in provincial levels in close collaboration with donor partners.

Mr. Alhaj Ghulam Nabi Eidizada, addressed the importance of this program and request the participant, they should attend their internship program with enthusiasm and work hard, until to find a chance to get a job in those companies.

At the end, the special committee hold interviews with interns candidates and introduced them to different companies, to work as intern.