ACCI CEO meets Turkish ambassador in Kabul

Mr. Atiqullah Nasrut CEO of chamber of commerce & industries, met with Mr. Oguzhan Ertugrul Turkish ambassador in Turkish embassy of Kabul on Tuesday 09/October/2018 and discussed the Bilateral economic and trade matters.

In the beginning Mr. Atiqullah Nasrut thanked the embassy of Turkish for cooperation with private sector of Afghanistan, he provided comprehensive information about last promotion of bilateral economic and investment relation two countries.

Mr.Nasrut added “Turkey has been long a good partner in Afghanistan, and with the coming new Afghan government, a new chapter in cooperation, especially at the private sector has been created, over the past year the volume of trade between the two countries is more than $ 140 million. Direct and indirect investment and the exchange of business delegation has promoted Air corridor is opened with and turkey is the point that connect Afghanistan with Europe business council and afghan trade association is made in turkey”

Mr. Nasrut has offered his specific suggestion on visa dispute resolution and facilities for afghan traders in Afghanistan, and talked about two conferences scheduled to be held in Turkey this November.

Subsequently, Mr. Oguzhan Ertugrul, praised the recent economic developments and the role of the private sector is perfect he said” The Turkey embassy is ready to cooperate, especially in creating a visa facility for Afghanistan we know there is some problems in Afghanistan but besides these issues there is also some opportunity for investment in Afghanistan” he also told about the holding of Investment Roadshow and heart of Asia conferences that is holding to attract investment for RICA countries, he said ACCI will play a key role in bilateral relation of  countries and holding above two conference.