Afghanistan opens air cargo corridors with Europe, Russia, China, and UAE

By the series effort of ACCI and cooperation of presidency advisor in financial and banking affairs, Afghanistan opened the air corridor with Europe, Russia, china, UAE and other cities of India. Foreign diplomats, costumes departments, ministry of commerce and industries were participated in this opening ceremony.

The mentioned air corridor opened in presence of Mr.khan jan alokozay first vice president of ACCI,Mr.Ajmal Mohammadi president consultant in financial and banking affairs ,government officials, Airlines companies, private sector members, and domestic and foreign media.

Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay first vice president of ACCI welcomed the government leadership and thanked the president advisor in financial and banking affairs to enable the lunch of Air corridor between Europe, Russia, China, and UAE He said” during 16 years problems on the way of trade is no investment in mines, transport problems with foreign countries and law implementation that can cause corruption”.

Mr. Alokozay added “that the first meeting that I had with president Ghani on the behalf of private sector that was to enable alternative ways for export, fortunately Afghanistan is connected now with china, middle Asia, Europe and Russia over 80 % Transport problems is solved and our fresh and dry fruit is exported to different countries from air corridor that received totally nearly $ 1 billion worth the in past year.

Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay requested from Traders to pay attention to their packing process especially in packing of saffron, fresh fruit and nuts that should be in Europe and international standard.

Mr.Atiqullah Nasrut the CEO of ACCI said” for the economic development of Afghanistan exporting, through Road especially train is perfect through that we export semi-precious minerals to foreign countries”.

It is notable that the first air corridor was opened in 1396 after that Afghanistan Kazakhstan,turkey,and  UAE air corridor  opened and in coming time will be open with Herat and Deli through these air corridor Afghanistan’s 3200 exporters exported fresh and dry fruit,medical plant,saffron,hand craft, carpet and animal skin that cost 60 million worth.