Advocacy and Communication Training in ACCI

The ACCI & (GIZ) convened two-days workshop (04-05 September) under the title " Advocacy and Communication Training "in ACCI, Mr. Shafiqullah Atayee Policy and Technical deputy of ACCI, Dr. Massoud Parwanfer responsible for the private sector development of GIZ,ACCI employees, members of unions, associations, cooperatives and private sector members were participated in this training.

At the beginning of this training  Mr. Atayee welcomed the merchants and appreciated the (GIZ)'s continued cooperation with Afghanistan for the economic Growth and development, The Advocacy and Communication training is One of the basic discussion in current situation for the economic growth, which will help the private sector to recognize the challenges and problems and systematically Reach these problems to the government of Afghanistan.

Mr. Dr Massoud Parwanfer assured  continued cooperation of GIZ in the field of improving capacity in private sector,and implied The two-days workshop is one example of cooperation.

Mr.Naqeebullah Laraway, Financial director of the ACCI and the Trainer of this workshop, presented his presentation on the subject of Advocacy and Communication, and the participants presented their useful ideas.

The results of this workshop is empowering unions and agencies to better perform their tasks, having an appropriate agenda detailing for Advocacy and Communication, as well as raising professional knowledge and experiences on how to achieve reform, through the lobbying  And Advocacy and Communication training.