ACCI leadership meets with Ambassador of Uzbekistan and his accompanying business delegation in Kabul

The leadership of ACCI met with Mr. Yadgar Shadmanov the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan and his business delegation in Kabul, on Saturday, August/18/ 2018, they have discussed on the economic development relations between the two countries and the facilities provided by the Uzbek government In the field of trade and joint ventures for Afghan traders and investors in the Termiz Free Economic Zone.

Also in a separate meeting held on the same day between the Chamber and the members of the private sector with the Uzbek delegation, under the leadership of Mr. Ali Shir, General Manager of the Sorkhen Global Trading Company, in ACCI hall.

At the outset, Mr. Atiqullah Nasrat welcomed the Uzbek delegation to Kabul and talked about improving the trade and economic relations that have been established in the past two years between the two countries. He expressed his hope that by creating a free economic zone, especially the facilities for Afghan traders and investors These relationships have been strengthened more than before, and Afghan traders can export their domestic products in Termiz Cargo Center, after processing and standard packaging to various countries in the region and world.

Mr. Nusrat added: "The Company has named Sorkh Global is one of the largest companies in Uzbekistan, which has recently been handed over to the company by the management of the Termiz Cargo Centre, and Afghan investors can Invest and operate jointly and independently in the Termiz Free Economic Zone, in additional in Free Economic Zone for those Afghan Traders who invests more than $ 300,000 in this region, the Uzbek government will provide residence to them and their family members.”

Mr.Younes Mohmand vice chairman for commercial said” the signing of a memorandum of understanding signed between the leaders of the two countries a month ago according to the agreement provided good opportunities for the trade between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan And expressed his hope that the two countries' businessmen and investors will benefit from the opportunity.

He called for bilateral trade between the two countries said” As Afghan investors invest in the Termiz free economic zone we are asking from Uzbek investors to invest jointly with our investors in Afghanistan.

Mr. Ali Shir, president of Sorkhane Global Trading Co. While introducing the company and its activities, he provided detailed information on the various facilities provided by the Uzbek government in Termiz Free Economic Zone for foreign investors, especially Afghan investors.

Presenting the details of the company's services and its role in co-operation with foreign investors, he has focused on the responsibility of the Sourkhon Global Company for the following three items: 1- Cooperating in Termiz Cargo Center Logistics Division 2- Providing port services for merchants and 3- Inviting foreign investors, especially Afghan investors, and solves the problems about the process of customs documents in Termiz Cargo Center.

Mr. Ali Shir called for mutual cooperation to be a confidence between the parties, Expressed his readiness to enable Afghan traders to export Afghan products after processing and packaging from Termiz Cargo to other countries.