Start and improve your business program free course started in ACCI

First period of SIYB (start and improve your business program) funded  by GIZ and addressing of Mr.shafiqullah Atayee deputy of policy and service on Saturday 04 July 2018 started in ACCI hall.

Mr.Atayee ,the purpose of this program is  to help and corporate for those youths to have their helpful contribution in economic development of country and he added by SIYB  a program we can train those youth that they will have their helpful contribution in economic development and creation of business this program funded by ILO and has impressive result in under developing countries for this reason started in Afghanistan.

The (start and improve your business) free course long program focuses on helping displace people and refugees to establish and develop small business as a strategy for creating more and better employment.

Every period of SIYB is 8 days that will be teach from trained teachers in ACCI.