13th Afghan – America Annual Business Match Making Conference

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Afghanistan-America Chamber of Commerce (AACC) conducted the 13th Annual Conference of Afghanistan-US Business on May 24, 2018, in Washington, DC, USA.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, ACCI Chief Executive Officer during his speech at the conference, he pointed the opportunities of trade and investment encouraging the private sector of America to invest more in Afghanistan. In addition he emphasized on the importance of the meeting, such meetings will improve business and investment relations between the people of Afghanistan and America, since from past one and a half decades political and security issues were headlines of the two countries, while a group of pragmatists (the private sector and investment) are in opinion that comprehensive expansion of economic relations and development between two countries will be seen and implemented. Such initiatives have encouraged a healthy, market based and sustainable economy that grow up and replace the current mainstream economy fed by the money that comes from donor funded contracts. These conferences help us create joint investment, attract foreign investments, find business partners, buy machinery and acquire expertise and modern technologies.

Mr. Nusrat, recalled on the initiatives taken by the Afghan government over the past two years, including the modification and approval of laws and regulations for attracting investments, the simplification of work procedures, such as licensing and issuance of Afghan visas for foreign investors.

The CEO of the Chamber has provided information on the opening of large regional projects such as TAPI project, railways and air corridors. And referred to the implementation of the project as a bridge that could connect Afghanistan with the countries of the region and provide opportunities for investment in the private sector.

The annual Afghanistan-US Trade Conference, which has been held annually for many years,     It is a good opportunity to strengthen trade and economic relations between Afghanistan and the United States. For over fourteen years, the conference has provided the forum for talks between senior Afghan and US government officials as well as businessmen from both countries and international organizations.