Introduction of Belgium Firms Exhibition was held at ACCI

Introduction of Belgium firms exhibition was held at conference hall of ACCI on 27th April by participation of Mr. Ghulam Nabi Eid Zada, Financial Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Atiquallah Nusrat, CEO of ACCI, Mr. Nezamuddin Taj Zada, board member and head of nutrient of ACCI, Mr. Abid Husain, commercial commissioner of Belgium embassy in Afghanistan and  members of private sector.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat welcomed the delegation and mentioned the aim of exhibition and talked about the services delivered by Belgium’s private sectors or firms.

He added, conducting such exhibitions will strengthen the relationship between Afghanistan and Belgium. Furthermore, he added that Belgium investor’s presence is difficult and to share job opportunities of two countries with members of private sector. Therefore, its recommended that in initial steps gapes to be identified and coordinate through Belgium Embassy for paving the way to ensure establishment of relationship of partners/businessmen.  Subsequently, will discuss more about joint investments and establishment of corporations between two countries.”

Mr. Nusrat, the exhibition has been conducted for the third time at the ACCI and called as new initiative by Belgium which is not only in Afghanistan but also common in other countries. He expressed his best wishes and hope that Afghanistan private sector will gain knowledge and information about Belgium private sectors and determine partners/businessmen.

Mr. Nusrat recalled the basic exports of Afghanistan which are dry fruits, saffron, carpets, bowel and wool of sheeps to Belgium and additionally he added that export were limited in previous years, but we do expect that commercial interchanges/exchanges will increase between two countries in upcoming future.

Mr. Nusrat, The CEO of ACCI encouraged Afghan investors and emphasized more to gain experience through Belgium firms for joint ventures especially in the field of infrastructure, energy production and extraction of mines.

Mr. Abid Husain, appreciated the leadership of chamber for their cooperation in organizing such exhibitions and also pointed out to the political relationship and establishment of Belgium Embassy in Afghanistan; furthermore, he added that annual commercial interchange/exchange has been increased up to 70 million after 2002.

The fair was named as a good opportunity of commercial and investment relationship among two countries by Mr. Hussain

Mr. Husain reminded about initial investment of Belgium which was in the field of commodity industry in Herat city and added that “about 8000 persons are occupied in this field”.