ACCI first vice president met with the director of NEI

ACCI first vice President Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay hold meeting with Steven Kwon, director of Nutrition and Education International, NEI, at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, ACCI. Both sides discussed the matter of soybean cultivation and promotion in Afghanistan.

Mr. Kwon appreciated ACCI for its efforts in promoting soybean cultivation as well as its consumption in Afghanistan. In this regard he specially thanked the struggles by ACCI first vice president Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay. According to him as outcome of all these struggles and special consideration of the presidential office it was possible to include soybean into the diet of Afghan national forces. Mr. Kwon added, according to the estimations the need for soybean by Afghan national forces is 6600 Metric tons. Only for this purpose we have to produce 10000 MT of soybean in the country. He called for ACCI cooperation in regard to produce and process soybean in the country to fulfill the needs of people for soybean.

Mr. Alokozay also insisted on better cooperation between ACCI and NEI toward promotion and cultivation of soybean in the country as well as its consumption in the dietary. He proclaimed access of farmers to the necessary facilities, public awareness campaigns in the provinces and proper linkage of the government, people and soybean producers effective in regard to the production and consumption of soybean in the country. He also called for better coordination and cooperation among provincial chambers, associations and local councils to promote the cultivation and consumption of this important food crop.

Mr. Alokozay called the role of the ministry of Agriculture, irrigation and livestock important in promoting soybean cultivation in the country. He said:” through including the cultivation of soybean into the priority programs of its provincial directorates, this ministry can play important role to promote the production of soybean in the country”. He called for joint meetings of ACCI, NEI and the ministry of agriculture irrigation and livestock toward promotion and production of soybean in the country.