Preparatory meeting towards 14th annual US-Afghan business matchmaking conference

Preparatory meeting towards 14th annual US-Afghan business matchmaking conference which is to be launched from 24-26 April in Washington D.C., United States, took place at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

The meeting was attended by ACCI first deputy board director Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay, director of ACCI international affairs committee Mr. Azrakhsh Hafizi, Mr. Nizamuddin Taj Zada member of ACCI board of directors, Afghan-American joint chamber of commerce former director and member of board of directors, Mr. Sulaiman Lutfi, board director of Afghan-American joint chamber of commerce and large number of the executive leaders from different Afghan companies and business firms. Technical issues toward successful launch of the 14th annual US-Afghan business matchmaking conference in Washington D.C. were discussed.

Mr. Alokozay, welcomed the participants and called on the executive leaders and directors of different companies especially carpet, associations of fresh and dry fruits and mining sector, to take active part in this conference and get advantage of this important opportunity toward attracting foreign investments as well as joint investments with them. He renewed ACCI commitment for providing any necessary related information in this regard.

Mr. Azrakhsh Hafizi and Mr. Sulaiman Lutfi also expressed their views about the advantages of this conference and responded to the queries of participants.

Also Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay, Mr. Azrakhsh Hafizi and Nizamuddin Taj zada held a separate meeting with Afghan-American joint Chamber of Commerce officials to discuss several issues of bilateral interest and ACCI recent activities and developments.

Mr. Alokozay also provided briefings about some recent progresses such as expansion of business relations with different countries of the Middle East, The People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Belarus as well as making of associations with some of these countries, opening of air corridors with India, ACCI active presence in high economic council meetings, legislative committees, urban development committee, land reform committee and ACCI membership at PRISEC.