ACCI CEO met with Chemonics officials

On Wednesday, January 31st, ACCI Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat met with Daniel Vose, Director of Business Development Afghanistan at Chemonics, Washing D.C. Office. Both sides discussed several issues of bilateral interest including launching of joint business conferences and exchange of business delegations.

Mr. Nusrat welcomed the director of Business Development Afghanistan at Chemonics, Washing D.C. Office and provided him with the necessary briefings regarding the role of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries in recent economic developments in Afghanistan and drafting of the national policies and strategies. Mr. Nusrat included: “Fortunately, through launching business exhibitions and matchmaking conferences, ACCI was able to create and maintain better relations with the countries of the region and the World. Afghan entrepreneurs were able to display their products in most international business events which could successfully attract foreign customers and visitors due to high quality of these products”. He also indicated toward significant increase in Afghan exports due to opening of the air corridors with India in last year.

Mr. Nusrat appreciated the role of USAID/ATAR due to its strong support from the private sector of Afghanistan and expressed his hope for bilateral cooperation in organizing business conferences and exhibitions.

Mr. Vose, also appreciated the role of private sector in recent economic developments and demonstrated his readiness on behalf of Chemonics for launching business conferences and exhibitions jointly with ACCI. He also provided information about upcoming business events which will take place in recent future. Mr. Vose also pledged to provide technical cooperation for launching workshops, simplification of export procedures and packaging.