CCPIT and South Asia signed a MoU toward rehabilitation of historic Silk Road

13th session of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, CCPIT and South Asian countries took place on 30th of November, 2017. The session which took place at Maldives was attended by Mr. Liu Guangze, president CCPIT, Government official of Maldives, president and vice presidents of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries, SCCI.

Mr. Guangze welcomed the participants and provided necessary briefings about current session as well as previous session which took place at the city of Komeng in China. He called for more economic cooperation between China and South Asian countries in regard to green development and producing clean products.

Later, Mr. Suraj vidya, SCCI president, appreciated the cooperation between SCCI and CCPIT and called for the accomplishment of all those commitments pledged by the association as well as finding of appropriate solutions for the problems between Chinese and South Asian business.

In regard to One Belt, One Road of Silk Road, ACCI vice commerce president and vice president SCCI, Mr. Mohammad Younas Momand said: “Since the innovation of One Belt, One Road of Silk Road, we are witness of visible developments in regard to the economic relations among Silk Road countries”. He also insisted on regional cooperation concepts for Afghanistan.

At the conclusion, participants of the conference discussed to elect China-South Asia Business Forum CSABF president for 2018. In the meantime, Mr. Mohammad Younas Momand was chosen as president among members. In regard to his selection Mr. Momand appreciated the decision of council and ensured that a large number of Afghan traders and Afghan government officials will take part in coming CSABF event.

At the sideline of this session, CCPIT president signed the MoU with all countries of the Silk Road. On behalf of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, ACCI, Mr. Momand signed the MoU.