13th Annual US-Afghanistan Business Matchmaking Conference Will Take Place at Washington-DC

ACCI Executive Officer, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat met with Mr. Greco Jeffery, the president and Mr. Sulaiman Latifi, board director of Afghan-American joint Chamber of Commerce and industries. ACCI, Policy department deputy, Mr. Shafiqullah Atayee was also available at the meeting. Both sides exchanged views about 13th Annual US-Afghanistan business matchmaking conference, which will be held at Washington DC in April, 2018.

ACCI CEO, Mr. Nusrat, welcomed and briefed the delegation about some recent developments and reforms by the government of Afghanistan in the way of facilitating private sector of Afghanistan. He also briefed the delegation about the developments in regard to private sector 11 major priorities, opening of the air corridor with India, Aqina-Ata Murad railway line, signing of the Lopez Lazuli railway and recent transit developments between China and the Central Asian countries.

Mr. Jeffery Greco, appreciated ACCI CEO for his briefings and called mentioned developments important in this regard. In regard to attract US and other foreign investors to Afghanistan, he called the awareness and access to recent developments of the Government of Afghanistan and private sector important. Mr. Greco, called the signing of US-Afghanistan bilateral investment agreement, an important step toward the economic and business development of Afghanistan.

Mr. Sulaiman Latifi, also provided necessary information about launching of the 13th Annual US-Afghanistan business matchmaking conference, which will take place in Washington DC in April, 2018.

In regard to the successful launch of the mentioned conference, ACCI CEO pledged for his full cooperation.