ACCI CEO hold meeting with ILO Assistant Director-General

ILO Assistant Director-General/Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Ms.Tomoko Nishimoto, met with ACCI CEO Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat. She was accompanied by ILO, Kabul, senior coordinator, Mr. Manzoor Khaliq.

During this meeting, which took place at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, both sides discussed decent work country program (2018-2022) and some other matters of bilateral interests.

At first, Mr. Nusrat briefed Ms. Tomoko Nishimoto about ACCI efforts and cooperation in regard to tripartite dialogue between the ministry of labor and social affair, National Union of Afghanistan's Workers and Employees and International labor organization, ILO.

He also provided information about the role of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries as a coordinating representative of private sector employer organizations as well as the opportunities provided by the government of Afghanistan in this way. He also provided information about ACCI efforts to draft decent work country program in 2010, which was prepared by several stakeholders.

ILO Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Ms.Tomoko Nishimoto was also briefed about the preparedness of ACCI to organize and conduct employer’s conference on 26th of December with the assistance of international labor organization, ILO.

Decent work country program is an important national workforce development program which will be drafted by three relevant stakeholders (The Government of Afghanistan, employer organizations and National union of workers) with the support of ILO. In this regard, ACCI has played major and significant role to invite employer organizations from five zones of the country to identify their needs and priorities to be included into decent work country program (2018-2022).

Later, Ms. Tomoko Nishimoto expressed her pleasure from ACCI cooperation with ILO and the ministry of labor and social affairs. She indicated that launching of such conference is a right step toward elimination of unemployment. She also prized ACCI for its continuous efforts to respond private sector needs and advocacy for them.

At conclusion both sides agreed on bilateral cooperation in respect to upgrade the capacity of employer organizations, development of technical and vocational educations and training the technical workers through active participation of private sector according to market demand and intense cooperation to implement the decent work country program.