NEI Director General met with ACCI first Vice Chairman

On Sunday, December 10th, 2017, ACCI first vice Chairman Mr. Khan Jan Alokozai met with Dr. Steven Kwon, director general of nutrition and education international, NEI, at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Both sides discussed several issues of bilateral interests.

Mr. Kwon spoke about the need for soybean cultivation and its extension to improve protein balance in food, recently conducted by NEI in Afghanistan. He called for active contribution by the government and private sector of Afghanistan for the promotion and extension of soybean industry as well as its self-sufficiency in the country. He also remembered the interest of His Excellency, president of Afghanistan to enrich the food menu of Afghan armed forces through soybean.

Mr. Alokozay, welcomed NEI president and called the extension of soybean industry as an important need to compete with the lack of protein in Afghanistan. On behalf of ACCI, he pledged for any kind of cooperation and assistance in this regard.

Mr. Alokozay remembered that, “in all those conferences conducted in this regard, we spoke about the importance of soybean as a suitable source for improving protein balance in the food. We recommended for the promotion and extension of soybean cultivation through programs of the ministry of agriculture in close contribution of private sector”. He also pointed to the increasing demand of soybean in local markets and called on developing specific strategies for soybean industry extension.