ACCI first vice president met with Russian ambassador for Afghanistan

ACCI first vice president Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay, based on the official invitation of Russian ambassador to Kabul, Mr. Alexander Mantytskiy visited the embassy of The Federation of Russia. Both sides exchanged views regarding expansion and development of bilateral economic and business relations between the two countries.

Mr. Alokozay thanked the ambassador and spoke about the historic business and economic relations with Russia. He added” During the empire of King Mohammad Zahir and Mohammad Dawood Khan, 80 percent of our trade and business took place with Russia. But later, due to political tensions between the two countries, these business relations became colder. Now, as there is huge demand for Afghan products in Russian markets, but due to some obstacles like extra transportation expenses, Need for bilateral and multilateral business agreements, need for standards and high tariffs on Afghan export products has certainly reduced the volume of trade between the two countries.

Mentioning the sum of recent business volume between Russia and Afghanistan, Mr. Alokozay said” The total amount of Afghan exports to Russia during 2015 were 18 million US$, but throughout the year 2016 this figure reduced to 5 million US$. Also during mentioned years the volume of imports from Russia to Afghanistan also reduced from 157 to 137 million US$, which is not a good news”.

Later, Ambassador Alexander Mantytskiy indicated toward some positive developments in recent years and appreciated the role of Afghan private sector in economic development. He also added that The Federation of Russia is ready to expand its business and economic relations with Afghanistan. The Ambassador also mentioned that a Russian business delegation, chaired by the deputy minister of energy will also visit Afghanistan at the month of October for having discussions with Afghan traders.

During this meeting, visa facilitation for Afghan traders was also discussed. Consequently, the Ambassador pledged cooperation in this regard and called that Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries to hand over him the list of those products exported from or imported to Afghanistan, as well as the problems of Afghan traders to be further discussed with relevant officials.