ACCI CEO met with the Deputy Economic Counselor of US embassy for Afghanistan

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, chief executive officer of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries ACCI, based on formal invitation of Kabul based US embassy, met with the deputy economic counselor. Both sides discussed the available investment opportunities and existing obstacles in front of economic development. They also talked about bilateral business and economic relationship between Afghanistan and the United States. The meeting took place at the US embassy, Kabul.

Mr. Nusrat thanked US embassy officials for inviting him and briefed the current economic and business situation of the country as well business relations with neighboring countries. He said” The surveys conducted by Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries reflect visible developments in different sectors, specially the agriculture sector”. He also added that a large number of countries has shown their interest to invest in the different economic projects in Afghanistan. He appreciated the Government of Afghanistan’s strong commitment toward privatization process and implementation of the regional and multi-regional mega projects. He said “Our trade volume with Central Asian countries has increased. However some of the challenges such as security, kidnapping, political deadlocks, lack of technical capacities like unavailability and lack of laboratories and detection centers, need for bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with regional countries, problems in land distribution and lack of access to easier financial resources are main obstacles in front of the economic movements”.

Mr. Nusrat also pointed toward some reforms in business sector and called for the reforms in regulations, simplification of the procedures and policies, necessary to attract foreign investments. He declared the role of US embassy very influential and important toward motivating and convincing US investors to invest in mining, Energy and infrastructure sectors in Afghanistan.

Later, Mr. Frater, the deputy economic counselor of the US embassy, appreciated the recent economic developments and the role of private sector in Afghanistan. He added that “US embassy is ready for any kind of cooperation with Afghanistan. He also said:” we understand that the problems do exist as well the opportunities are also available”. He emphasized on joint efforts for developing economic structures within an appropriate business environment.