ACCI conducted Afghan-Russia joint business meeting

A 27 member business delegation from The Federation of Russia, led by the deputy economy minister, on Monday, 30th October, 2017, took part in a joint business session with Afghan businessmen at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Both sides discussed several business issues such as available investment opportunities in Afghanistan, bilateral business cooperation and some other business matters. MoUs were also signed by both parties during this meeting.

This meeting, which took place at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries was participated by 27 member high level business delegation, representative of Kabul based embassy of the Russian Federation, first vice president of ACCI, Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay and ACCI other board members as well as representatives of different ministries such as Mines and petroleum, trade and commerce, Kabul municipality, directorate of Afghanistan railways, Azizi bank, Ghazanfar bank, leadership of Kabul chamber of commerce and industries and large number of businessmen and media.

The first vice president of ACCI, Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay welcomed the delegation and called the relations of Afghanistan and Russia historical. Mr. Alokozay pointed to some infrastructure projects designed and fulfilled by Russia in the past. He expressed his hope that these sort of joint business sessions will help in strengthening the bilateral economic ties between two countries.

Mr. Alokozay also pointed to trade, transit and transportation, especially carrying of trade commodities through railroads to neighboring countries, as well as to the countries of the region. He emphasized for signing bilateral and multilateral agreements in this regard. Mr. Alokozay also commented on the inconveniences of four decades war and hostile position of some neighboring countries. He mentioned the trade route through Central Asia, a good and important alternative for Afghanistan.

Mr. Alokozay recalled the huge volumes of trade between Afghanistan and Russia in past and emphasized on opening new air corridors with China and Russia. Indicating to the current business (Dry fruits, vegetable and construction material) with Russia, he said “Each year, Afghanistan produce extra 2 million tons of dry fruits and vegetables, while only 300 tons of them are exported. Mr. Alokozay also insisted on opening new business doors with the federation of Russia and Central Asian countries.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, Chief executive Director of ACCI also pointed toward some infrastructure projects accomplished by Russia in the past and expressed his hope for removing obstacles in this way between two countries.

He called the trade agreement between Afghanistan and the Republic of Tajikistan effective for trade and business with The Federation of Russia and the Central Asian countries. Mr. Nusrat also appealed for visa facilitations to Afghan traders as well business preferences for some Afghan export products.

Mr. Nusrat remarked the existing and available opportunities and called Afghanistan as land of great opportunities for investment. He said “Based on past time experiences, The Federation of Russia will be more successful to fulfill important projects in Afghanistan”. He indicated solar and hydro electric energy, infrastructure, communication and information technology sectors as great opportunities for investment. Mr. Nusrat also provided briefings about the facilities and reforms of Afghan Government in this regard.

Deputy economy minister of the Russian Federation acknowledged ACCI for their hospitality. In regard to agriculture, mining and energy sectors he said” regardless of the existing challenges, Russian entrepreneurs are ready to invest in Afghanistan”. He encouraged and appreciated the agreements between Azizi Bank and Trans Capital Bank of Russia as well as signing of the MoU for opening joint business chamber of the two countries with the Russian cultural center at Kabul. He also provided information about signing of the MoU in short future between Russia and Afghanistan railways, which will soon take place in Moscow. He pledged to raise the issues of Afghan exporters with relevant government authorities of The Russian Federation.

Representative of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industries also spoke about the strategic location of Afghanistan and emphasized on strengthening and expansion of bilateral business relations between two countries. He also expressed his pleasure for the cooperation between the Chambers of two countries.

It is to remind that the stated delegation included representatives of mining, economy, University of railways, Construction, metro bus, Oil and gas, culture, Agriculture and food sectors along with the agents of 20 large Russian business firms.

At the end of this business session, MoUs between Azizi Bank and Trans-Capital Bank of the Russian federation were signed. At the sidelines of this session, Afghan and Russian businessmen and traders also hold B2B meetings.