ACCI, FICCI joint meeting

Afghanistan and India are continuously struggling to take advantage of the available opportunities for strengthening their bilateral economic and commercial relations, which has resulted in growing the number of business and government exchange delegations between two countries.

To develop the economic capacity and activities of traders and industrialists, on Monday, 23rd October, 2017, the chief executive officer of ACCI Mr. Atiqullah Nasrat hold meeting with the delegation of The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries, (FICCI). During the meeting both sides discussed the possibilities to strengthen bilateral business relations between the two countries through launching business events, such as conferences and product shows.

During the meeting ACCI and FICCI officials agreed to launch a joint business conference and exhibition in December, 2017 in Kabul. Trade development, investment, transfer of technology, expansion and development of infrastructures and other topics of bilateral interests as well as strengthening of economic and business relations are the topics to be discussed in this conference. Indian products will also be presented through 50 individual booths for exhibition as part of this conference. Through this exhibition, Indian businessmen from different sectors such pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, Agriculture and irrigation equipment, plastic industry, Information technology, cosmetics and Medicare, Education, steel, masonry and rock industry, hotel management, electronics, auto industry and others will exhibit their products. This conference and product show takes place after the exhibition of Afghan products in New Delhi, India, from 12-27 November, 2017.

To discuss the available business opportunities in Afghanistan and India, B2B and business matchmaking meetings of the business communities from both sides in different business sectors will be arranged.