ACCI first vice chairman met with advisor to USAID-ATAR

ACCI first vice Chairman Mr. Khan Jan Alokozai met with Mrs. Loran, advisor to USAID-ATAR, and discussed the facilitation of E-payment as well as problems in its way, recently activated in custom offices.

Mrs. Loran briefed the purpose of her visit to Afghanistan and discussed the replacement of E-payment instead of physical currency transactions in border customs. She also called for the opinion of private sector in this regard.

ACCI first vice chairman Mr. Alokozay declared E-system as a good alternative for physical money transactions in border customs. He also pointed toward some facilitations and reforms by government in this way. Mr. Alokozai called E-payment system an effective step to replace the physical payments, which has been recently introduced by government in border customs. He also pointed to some obstacles in front of E-payment system such as lack of access to the technical possibilities, small number of private bank branches in border customs and some other blockades in the way of E-payment system. Mr. Alokozay expressed his hope for the successful launch of the E-payment and called for stronger cooperation and coordination among private and government owned banks. He also called for training traders in this way.

Mr. Alokozai recommended pro opinion surveys before launching such systems and included that private sector alongside with government agencies, should work for the successful implementation of this system. Meanwhile he suggested the availability of both methods for some time. He also called for the development of capacity and capability of private banks as well as public awareness in this regard, which will help in eliminating corruption. Improving the capacity of private banks and more facilitations by them will also attract business community to get advantage of the E-system in border customs of the country.