Afghan-Czech Consortium Interested to Implement Various Projects in Afghanistan

On Monday, 18th of September 2017, ACCI Chief executive Mr. Atiqullah Nasrat met with the high level delegation of Afghan-Czech consortium at his office and discussed the matters of bilateral interest.

Mr. Mohammad Faqiri, director of Afghan-Czech consortium offered information regarding the interest of that country and their negotiations with government officials for the implementation of 22 different projects in Afghanistan such as civic transportation, health, agriculture, cement plant of Herat province, energy production, production of stones for sidewalks, excavation of coal, granite and marble mines and studies and regulations related to mining sector in Afghanistan. He called for ACCI cooperation in this regard and signing of the MoU.

Mr. Atiqullah Nasrat, the chief executive officer of ACCI welcomed and appreciated the delegation of Afghan-Czech consortium for the interest of the Czech Republic for implementing various projects in Afghanistan and called it an important step toward strengthening bilateral interests between two countries. Mr. Nasrat also recalled of his journey to Czech Republic and signing of the MoU by the chambers of both countries.

Mr. Nasrat also added” Government of the national unity is struggling toward attracting investors into the country as indicated in the Afghanistan national strategy. Commitment exists in this regard but unfortunately some obstacles also exist in the way of implementing these projects, the causes of which are clear such as security issues, political deadlocks and corruption and in some cases priority for some projects are their clear examples as resistances in this way. To have appropriate solution for them, bringing reforms into procedures and improvement in the regulations are necessary in this way. As Afghanistan is rich in mines, still our mines are excavated illegally through unprofessional methods especially in those areas of the country uncontrolled by the government”. Mr. Nasrat called on the delegation to hand over their proposals, surveys and studies to ACCI and renewed his commitment for cooperation in this regard to discuss them with relevant ministries which will also convince Afghan businessmen to work along with Czech investors for these projects as joint venture.

Mr. Nasrat showed his readiness for ACCI cooperation to realize these mentioned projects and demanded that the cooperation should take place in coordination with Czech chamber of commerce and based on their confirmation a MoU should be signed for developing Afghan-Czech business council. He also called for the exchange of bilateral business missions between two countries toward stronger coordination for the implementation of various projects.