ACCI and Ariana Airlines Signed a Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Cargo Transportation

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Ariana Afghan Airlines by the supporting of Afghan government signed MoU on 31st May, 2017, regarding exporting fresh and dried fruits, medicinal plants, vegetables, carpets, handicrafts, animal products and other merchandise at affordable rates through air transport of cargo from Hamid Karzai international and Kandahar airports to Delhi and Amritsar airports of India and vice versa.

In a press conference that was held regarding the signing of the MoU at ACCI, Mr. Ajmal Ahmad, Senior Advisor to the President for Finance and Banking, Mr. Alhaj Khanjan Alkozay first vice president of BoD, Ms. Kamela Sediqi, Trade deputy to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan, Mr. Atiq Ullah Nasrat, CEO of ACCI, Captain Mohammad Nader Omar, Head of Ariana Afghan airlines, Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Younus Momand, commercial deputy of BoD, Mr. Haji Baz Mohammad Afsarzai industrial deputy of BoD, other deputies and advisors of ACCI and some of the exporters unions and private sector members attended.

Mr. Alkozay marked effectiveness of the MoU and stated it very important step for the exports of the country, particularly he thanked from H.E Mr. President for his strong support and interests in the field of export by cargo aircraft to India, he said: "In a keen attention of Mr. President that guided the Ministries of commerce and industry, the economy, agriculture and airline companies and called an a commission under the direction of Mr. Ajmal Ahmadi to pave the ground for the transfer of cargo airline. Fortunately, we are witnessed today to sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Afghanistan Chamber of commerce and Industries and Afghan Ariana Airline for transport of cargo from Hamid Karzai international and Kandahar airports to Delhi & Amritsar airports of India. "

Mr. Alkozay requested from all traders to present their exporting goods in Kabul and Kandahar airports on a specified time in accordance with the commitments made.

Captain Mohammad Nader Omar said about the first flight of the goods to India: "The first flight from Kabul will take place on the 15th of June, followed by the Kandahar airport on 20th June this year. At present we will use the charter aircraft and we hope to have our own Ariana cargo aircrafts by the support of Afghan government in the future."

Ms. Kamela Sediqi addressed the signing of the MoU a huge success for the people of Afghanistan, especially to the exporters and guardians of the country that will be able to export their production and goods to India. Ms. Siddiqi said, "Afghanistan has the high production capacity, but unfortunately, the access to the global markets is limited, increasing exports from one side can increase the employment and from the other side it presents our products to the international markets."

In accordance with this agreement, the transfer of cargo by aircraft from Hamid Karzai International airport and Kandahar airport to Delhi and Amritsar of India cost 20 cents/Kg from the merchants and the rest amount will be paid by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in keeping with the facilities and needs, will have flights from Herat and Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi airports too.

The transfer of cargo by aircraft from Delhi and Amritsar of India to Hamid Karzai International and Kandahar airports cost 40 cents/Kg from the merchant and the rest amount will be paid by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, this rates are assigned only for charter aircrafts.

On the other hand, according to the provisions of this MoU, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries will be the implementer of the program and the Ariana airline also will have certain responsibilities to implement the Memorandum of Understanding, this agreement will have a total 5 articles and 26 lines respectively and is signing by Mr. Atiq Ullah Nasrat, CEO of ACCI and captain Mohammad Nader Omar, the director General of Ariana Afghan airline.

The government of Afghanistan to support the Afghan exports to India offers a significant discount to this country and the traders are to pay that price to Arian Afghan Cargo which they paid before on the land and the remaining cost is paid from the state budget of Afghanistan as incentives.

In the series of attempts of ACCI and its proposal to the government along with some privileges to Afghan exporters, particularly the exports/imports through aircraft cargo to India and some Arabic countries; the Supreme Council for Economy and personally H.E President thanked and appreciated the ACCI and offered special assistance to support Afghan exporters.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries appreciated such support of the government and marked it very vulnerable to the countries which do not have borders with Afghanistan.