The commercial deputy Chairman of ACCI met with Chinese Ambassador in Afghanistan

The commercial deputy Chairman of ACCI- Mr. Mohammad Yonus met with H.E Yao Jing- Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan at Chinese embassy in Kabul on Monday 13th March 2017 and conversed over joint trade and business relations.

Initially, Mr. Mohammad Yonus Mohmand greeted the cooperation conducted by Chinese Government in previous years and moreover briefed that: “ACCI is always ready to pave investment facilities to Chinese business people across the country and tries its best to provide these business persons  investment and business updated information.”

Chinese Ambassador was explained about the new business programs which is planned to be implemented in 2017 in Kabul and Chinese republic government was called for further cooperation.  The very less obstacles on the way of trade and business between the two countries has been keenly resolved by Chinese republic embassy in Kabul. He additionally added that: “fortunately, visa issuance problems has also been resolved and commitment on decreasing the current problem was subsequently announced.”