Afghanistan Branch of ICC was opened

Country branch of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was inaugurated in Afghanistan on Thursday 16th February 2017. CEO of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Minister of Economy, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Minister and Political deputy Minister of foreign affairs, Parliamentarians, CEO and leadership of ACCI, Governmental officials, related organizations, diplomatic and foreign official entities of foreign countries had taken part at this ceremony.

First of all, while greeting and welcoming the participants, Mr. Mayel Agha Khair Kha- chairman of ICC- Afghanistan and stated: “the goal over establishment of this agency is to strengthen trade relation and cooperation between member- states of this international organization.”

Thereinafter, Mr. Hekmat Khalil Karzai- Deputy and acting minister of foreign affairs conversed about the importance and history of International Chamber of Commerce.

Subsequently, while speaking at the event, the CEO of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – H.E Dr. Abdullah. Abdullah appreciated the achievements received in past years by Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) as well as Mr. Abdullah congratulated the opening of ICC to Afghan Private Sector across the country. Sectorial Ministers and institutions were guided to jointly and in coordination with ACCI cooperate their programs.

Additionally he added: “the establishment of this organization should not in any case meant to the replacement of ACCI, but instead this organization is to further intensify ACCI so that the trade system of Afghanistan through international models get modernized.”

Afterwards Azerakhsh Afezi-board director of International Relation committee of ACCI thanked H.E Dr. Abdullah and called on National Unity Government to work on business growth and investment inspiration opportunity in Afghanistan.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat- CEO of ACCI expressed detailed information over Activities, Achievements, and Historical Background of ACCI adding that: “ACCI has signed memorial of understanding with 30 countries and having 82 years of full membership of International Chamber of Commerce. In past 13 years our activities and cooperation with international Chamber of Commerce is observable and is growing up day by day. Today based on requirements of Afghanistan’s economy, Afghanistan Branch of ICC was established.

CEO of ACCI added that: “Fortunately, problems have been resolved through mediation of H.E Chief Executive Officer and thereby memorial of understanding between ACCI and ICC were endorsed as ICC would not deny the any affair of ACCI. It would contribute to the growth of the international economy of chamber that would cooperate its affairs in coordination with ACCI. Moreover he added: “according to the approved memorial took place last night in presence of H.E Dr. Abdullah, the Chamber should represent itself as country branch of ICC in Afghanistan and conduct its affairs in accordance with prevailing rules and regulations of the country hence ACCI commits that would stay as a good fellow to ICC.”

In addition to the aforementioned officials, France Ambassador in Afghanistan, Minister of Economy and Chairman of General industrialists union of Afghanistan had taken part in this program.