The CEO of ACCI met with National Advisor of International Trade Center (ITC)

This session which was held at conference hall of ACCI on Sunday 12th February 2017, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat- CEO of ACCI, Mr. Mujiburrahman Khatir National Advisor to International Trade Center (ITC), and representatives from different sectors of Afghanistan had taken part.

While speaking over the aids conducted from ITC to ACCI and to country’s business people, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat reminded the current trade condition of Afghanistan to the participants and additionally added: “almost two weeks back of today, at the margin side of WTO, we had a meeting with the delegation led by International Trade Centre and discussed over the recently planned projects of ITC in Afghanistan. The CEO was assured by the leadership of ITC about ACCI’s main role on implementation of program and projects being planned by the organization.”

Since ITC has planned to implement projects in Afghanistan on trade facilitation, promotion of export strategy, quality control and safety of product; the organization has set four meetings with the CEO and leadership of ACCI to discuss about successful implementation of ITC’s projects in the Afghanistan.

Mr. Nusrat Subsequently Added: “whereas the aim of the project is to promote business condition in Afghanistan and as far as ACCI stands as the legal representative of Afghanistan’s Private sector; ITC asked ACCI to contribute the organization on implementation of its projects which is scheduled for a term period of three years; the organization has particularly called ACCI to assimilate the recommendations and  suggestions of Afghan private sector and to express it on conference which will be held in Kabul on 21- 22 of February 2017, where representatives of international trade Center, ACCI, GiROA would also take part.”

Trade Technical related assistance and implementation of National Export Strategy of Afghanistan were called as the aim of the project by Mr. Dr. Mujib –Ur-Rahman Khatir. He additionally added that: “Currently, we are in state of having negative trade Balance and the document which was offered in Brussels conference to international community from Afghan Government, export promotion has been shown as one of biggest economic goal of the government for the next years. Consequently he asked Afghan Business people to put their attentions on export promotion and intensification as well as to summit their thoughts, recommendations and suggestions on quality and safety issues to today’s event personnel.

Henceforth export-people from different sectors from across the country discussed obstacles towards exports in Afghanistan and suggestions for achieving the goal to intensify exports were accordingly summited to the responsible persons.