The CEO and leadership of ACCI met with new Afghan Ambassador in Australia

The newly hired Afghan Ambassador to Australia- Mr. Wahidullah Waissi, before occupying his duty, met through an official meeting with the country’s prominent business people and representatives of the Afghan Private Sector and discussed over mutual-interest issues accordingly.

This meeting which was attended by CEO of ACCI- H.E Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, held in CEO’s meeting Office on Wednesday 15th February 2017; hot business issues, suggestions from Businesspeople and members of the private sector to expand trade with Australia were discussed consequently.

Mr. Atiqullah called H.E Mr. Waissi closed teammate to ACCI and added: “through his previous position in foreign ministry of Afghanistan, Mr. Waissi has stayed as a good colleague to ACCI and country’s private sector. He has helped Afghanistan Chamber of commerce and Industries (ACCI) on country’s business people participations to international Exhibitions, Conferences; furthermore his appointment by Afghan Government as New Afghan Ambassador to Australia was addressed as a good action made by head of Government.”

Mr. Nusrat while appreciating the good will of Mr. Waissi for hearing the concerns of Afghanistan Private sector added that: “we appreciate the good ambition of Mr. Waissi for hearing concerns of Afghan private sector prior to occupying his duty in Australia. Indeed, it shows his commitment toward serving the country and people of Afghanistan.”  Additionally he expressed hoped over co-operation with the country’s new ambassador in Australia on joint marketing and investment opportunities of Afghan Exports and for preferential tariffs to be considered to Afghan Exports materials and goods.

Mr. Wahidullah Waissi described the private sector as the country’s economic engine and problems faced by Afghan Private Sector were addressed by him too. The trade relation between Afghanistan and Australia which is made by initiation of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries was called limited, he promised to strengthen mutual trade relation between Afghanistan and Australia.

At the end, the current meeting was called significant by Mr. Waissi. Meanwhile, existed and possible investment opportunities which could be conducted by Australia on power, Agriculture, trade expansion, carpet and rug, saffron, dry fruits and precious stones were consequently addressed by Mr. Waissi.

Thereinafter, businessmen and private sector representatives from different sectors welcomed the appointment of Mr. Waissi as new Afghan Ambassador and delivered their speeches and suggestion on improving Afghanistan‘s trade relation especially good exports to Australia.