Leadership of ACCI met with Her Excellency Anne Meskanen Ambassador of Finland to Afghanistan

Leadership of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) during a meeting with Her Excellency Anne Meskanen Ambassador of Finland to Afghanistan on February 1, 2016 discussed potential investment opportunities particularly in the mining sector of Afghanistan.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Alhaj khanjan Alkozay first vice chairman of ACCI, Excellency ambassador of Finland, Mr. Sharif Kamawal member of Afghan parliament, honorable members of board of directors of ACCI, Mr. Abdul Qadir Bahman technical and policy deputy of CEO of ACCI, leading Afghan mining companies as well as Finnish researchers and members of business community.

While welcoming Finnish delegation Mr. Alkozay thanked her Excellency ambassador of Finland for their visit from ACCI and called Finland one of those countries who are committed to economic development of Afghanistan. Pointing out to the prevailing economic situation of the country Mr. Alkozay said: “as it is all clear that Afghanistan is passing through a very critical condition from business and investment points of view but our patriot national business men and women continued their investment, production, trade and other similar economic activities in the country.”

Stating that fortunately the national unity government is firmly committed to development of private sector, senior vice chairman of ACCI termed the establishment of High Economic Council (HEC), under the presidency of Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Afghanistan, a great step toward bringing the essential reforms and creating business enabling environment in Afghanistan. He said that agriculture and mining sectors, geographic location of Afghanistan and transit are the main focusing point of HEC.

Excellency ambassador of Finland while praising ACCI for its achievements and tireless efforts toward facilitating businesses and supporting investments, hoped that organizing such business forums and conferences would further strengthen bilateral trade among the two countries.

Finnish ambassador termed the mining sector of Afghanistan a great incentive for attraction of foreign investments particularly Finnish investors. She called security challenges as main factor of decline in investments and huge barrier toward inclusive economic growth in Afghanistan.

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