CEO of ACCI meets H.E. Mr. Yao Jing, Ambassador of the people Republic of China to Afghanistan

CEO of ACCI, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat met H.E. Mr. Yao Jing, Ambassador of the people republic of China to Afghanistan on 26th December 2015 to discuss the bilateral economic cooperation between I.R of Afghanistan and P.R. of China.

At the beginning, Mr. Nusrat detailed on the activities of ACCI and how it functions as an economic growth engine in Afghanistan.

Mr. Nusrat while appreciating the china-Afghanistan long lasting economic cooperation stated that we want China to be our largest trade partner while it is now the third. He said that ACCI will remain committed to work together with Chinese Embassy to boost the Afghan-China Trade and economic relation.

Mr. Nusrat thanked the Chinese government for the duty free treatment of Afghan-originated products and said that in 2014 Chinese government has given duty free eligibility for more than 8000 Afghan originated products covering 97% of the tariff lines. He said that this is a great step taken by Chinese government to further promote the economic development and strengthen the bilateral trade and economic relationship of the two countries however Afghan Trades have recently faced problem while exporting pine seeds to china. He added that Chinese embassy in Afghanistan can play a vital role in implementing the duty free treatment.

Mr. Nusrat also pointed out that exchange of trade delegations, organizing B2Bs, Conference, exhibitions and trade fairs are the key factors in boosting the trade between Afghanistan and china.

H.E. Mr. Yao Jing, Ambassador of the people republic of China to Afghanistan while appreciating the work of ACCI for the concrete economic cooperation said that Afghanistan Chamber is a great platform linking the private sector of Afghanistan with their Chinese peers. He emphasized that exchange of delegation doesn’t only help Afghan private sector but it can also cooperation in Chinese economy. The Chinese Embassy will be committed to cooperate with Afghan private sector to exchange the business delegation more than regular and will be facilitating the movement of businessmen instead of bringing limitation.

Mr. Jing further added that although security is a matter of concern for the Chinese investors but still we are encouraging them to invest in Afghanistan and they have the interest to do so. Besides, it is also important to guide the attention of Afghanistan private sector to expand their business and export Afghan products to China.

Ambassador Yao continued, the reason behind restriction of Afghan pine seeds at China’s airport customs is that there is no Quarantine agreement and both Ministry of Agriculture of Afghanistan and China are working to finalize this agreement. Once the agreement is finalized then there won’t be a problem for exporting Afghan pine Seeds to China.

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