ACCI Holds a Networking Event for Female Entrepreneurs, Mazar-e-Sharif

Based on engagement of ACCI to support female entrepreneurs, ACCI once held a networking event at its Balkh branch’s office in participation of 20 businesswomen and representative of GIZ by 3 September 2013.

The event was supported by GIZ (German International Development Agency for Afghanistan).

The networking event aimed to create a network among women entrepreneurs to share their experiences and success stories, to create business relationship toward use each other’s facilities, to provide golden opportunity for them to discuss on mutual business interests, to keep up to date women entrepreneurs on existing business circumstances in Afghanistan, to receive their updated contact information through the questionnaires in order publishing a directory internally and internationally in future, to encourage women to enhance their business activities in current business environment, to identify challenges facing women businesses and find practicable solution, to persuade them to raise public awareness about their activates through media and finally to receive what are their expectations from ACCI?

The event provided a golden opportunity for women entrepreneurs to listen three success stories from, Mrs. Kamela Sediqi, Founder of Kaweyan Business Development Services and Mrs. Rabia Mariam a successful entrepreneur and Director of women affairs of Mazar province.

ACCI is committed to strangely support women businesses through development of Gender Unit, organizing such networking events, assisting them how to access to finance and technical assistance and also marketing their companies’ goods and services internally and internationally in future to obtain tangible outcomes.