ACCI and HARAKAT Organize Business Climate and Anti-Corruption Workshop, West Zone

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) and the Harakat Foundation jointly organized a workshop in Herat to discuss measures for improving the business climate in the province. Among the participants were relevant stakeholders from Western Afghanistan, such as representatives of ACCI’s membership, government officials, representatives of civil society and media as well as university lectures. The Herat province is regarded as a regional center for domestic production with more than 200 factories located in the province. Both the ACCI and Harakat organized the workshop and provided technical assistance to support the regional stakeholders in addressing the challenges faced by the private sector. The First Vice-Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Khan Jan Alkozay, and the Chief Executive Officer of Harakat, Mr. Naseem Akbar, attended the inauguration ceremony.

Mr. Alkzoay said that the workshop has been an opportunity for investors to address bottlenecks in the regional business climate. He stated that the results of the workshop will be presented in the upcoming meeting of the High Economic Council to reflect provincial needs on national level.

Mr. Akbar highlighted the importance of such consultancy workshops to improve the business climate and reduce corruption in the country. In this regard he asked the stakeholders on national and provincial levels to consider the recommendations of the workshop to provide a better framework to investors.

During the workshop, the participants joined roundtable discussions to tackle specific issues. They identified barriers in doing business and provided a number of policy recommendations. Furthermore, the public and private stakeholders expressed their commitment to fight corruption and enhance the conditions for businesses in Afghanistan.

The workshop in Herat was the starting point for a countrywide series of roundtables, which will be organized by ACCI and Harakat to identify and tackle the challenges faced by the private sector in Afghanistan.