Company Name
Products/ Field Location
Brand Super Construction Company Asphalt & Highway Roads, Rehabilitation & Construction of Gravel Roads, Design and Construction of buildings
Afghan Builders Consortium Construction, consultancy services, including topographic survey, design, monitoring and managing Kabul-Afghanistan
Build Tech Engineering and Construction Company
Design, survey and feasibility studies for the Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Irrigation Canals Kabul-Afghanistan
Excellent Planning and Construction Company EPCC has been working in different engineering disciplines dominantly in design Kabul-Afghanistan
Haqparast Construction Company

Construction of Roads, Buildings and Irrigation Canals

Mohammad Omid Construction Company Construction and Logistics Kabul-Afghanistan
Azim Sahak Ltd Construction Machinery
Sun Star Construction & Logistics

Construction and Logistics

Direct Better Technical Supply & Services Construction, Telecom, Security Services, Power, Maintenance Services Kabul-Afghanistan
Novin Simia Company Electrical Equipment Manufacturer and Electrification Services Kabul-Afghanistan
Mainawal Rahman Ltd General Engineering and Constructions Kabul-Afghanistan
Telco Engineering & Construction Company Engineering, Power Supply system, Generator Repair, Spare Kabul-Afghanistan
State Corps Construction, water distribution energy and solar Kabul-Afghanistan
United Network Construction Development Co Building Construction, Road Construction, Production of Construction Materials Kabul-Afghanistan
Nawi Alhaj Abdul Mateen Ltd Galvanized, Cold coils roll, Hot coils roll, Reinforce bar, Steel pipe Kabul-Afghanistan
Moainudin Construction & Engineering Co Construction, Design, Decoration, Construction material provision
Sharif Kamran Construction  Company

Construction and construction material

KRAcc Construction Material, Spare parts and fuel from Turkish, China, Dubai, India Kabul-Afghanistan
Strata Engineering and laboratory services Engineering, Construction, Design, Survey, Construction material testing, Geo technical etc.
Sohail Global Group Construction Solutions, Precast Services, Fresh Concrete Solutions Kabul-Afghanistan
Jalal Koat Construction Materials Production Construction Kabul-Afghanistan
Safaee Building and Road Construction Construction Kabul-Afghanistan
South Corps Ltd Construction and Engineering of Road, Building, Logistic, Production of Constriction Materials Kabul-Afghanistan
Auto Link Atal Afghan Construction Company Construction of Roads, Buildings, Bridges, Canals, Supplying Heavy Machinery Equipment Kabul-Afghanistan
Tawsif Co Ltd Hardware, construction material, PVC Resine, Food (Rice, Sugar, Tea & Cooking Oil) Kabul-Afghanistan