12th Afghan – America Annual Business Match Making Conference

Joint Afghan - America Chamber (AACC) in full cooperation of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries and Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) has brought thousands of Afghan businesspeople and Government officials from Afghanistan, Europe, Australia, UAE and elsewhere, to the United States of America in order to attend AACC’s business matchmaking conferences, organized at JW Marriot Hotel in Washington City of U.S from 13 - 15 December 2016.

Since twelve previous years, the conference has been a good opportunity for sharing investment, commerce and communication experience between Afghan – American trade and business people.

Leading a high ranking Afghan business delegation and members of Private sector, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI headed to Washington D.C City of U.S to participate the conference.

The conference was officially opened through greeting speech by Hon. Don Ritter, president &CEO of AACC, opening speech by Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat and informational speech by Mr. Suleiman Latifi chairman of AACC accordingly.

While addressing the importance of the conference, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat expressed the significance of Afghan - America Business Match Making Conference, the available business opportunities in Afghanistan as well as over the role of Afghanistan in regional and international integration adding that: “These matchmaking conferences have helped us to create joint ventures, attract foreign investments, find business partners, buy machineries and acquire expertise and modern technologies.”

Mr. Nusrat further added: “Afghanistan will present unique opportunities for investment, considering the global and regional development trends and the location of Afghanistan on the juncture of several big markets like central and south Asia, China and Middle East, Russia and South Asia as well as Afghanistan has tremendous opportunities in the development of the mining sector like The Afghan railway will play a key role in providing efficient and sustainable transportation for the extractive industries. This year, we received the first Chinses cargo that was transited through Central Asia and entered Afghanistan by railway. Meanwhile, the Aqina railway, which connects Afghanistan to caucuses and Europe, through Turkmenistan, was recently inaugurated.  Moreover, the WTO accession is completed and the relevant laws and regulations are amended as required. The Open Access Policy is approved by the High Economic Council, which will allows telecom companies to build and operate fiber optics. This can generate up to 500 million dollars in direct investment by the private sector over several years.”