MoLSAMD Announces List of Prohibited Jobs for Child Labors

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled announced the list of jobs which are prohibited for child labors in Afghanistan. MoLSAMD announced the story in the event (Raising Public Awareness regarding Labor Law on 9 February 2014 in Kabul) in attendance of representatives of ILO to Kabul, ACCI and Afghanistan National Labors Union.

The disallowed jobs for child labors are as follow:

1-     Mining;

2-     Using children in organized begging;

3-     Garbage collection specially hospital wastes;

4-     Working in the iron furnace;

5-     Working in garbage recycling;

6-     Working in slaughterhouses;

7-     Working in planting, harvesting and producing  narcotic drugs;

8-     Working as bodyguard or any duties related to the combat;

9-     Working at height of 3 meters above of the surface and collecting fruits;

10- Working in Electric Welding;

11- Working  in workshops with dangerous washing liquids and petrol without using protective equipment for the hands;

12- Working with heavy machinery such crane and other repair equipments in workshops;

13- Working with heavy machinery in wooden manufacturing factories like metal sharp;

14-  Working as more than four hours per day in carpet producing;

15-  Working as porter in picking up and dropping more than 15 kg;

16-  Working with oven in bakeries;

17- Working as cleaner in public toilets and baths;

18- Working with fluid gas;

19- Working with brick oven tools;

20- Working in spraying, mixing, or selling insecticides;

21- Working in metal and iron collection specially unexploded ordnances;

22- Working as cleaner in public shuttles;

23- Working in painting metal and wooden products;

24- Working in processing and mixing acid and also battery charging;

25- Working in grinding salt and packing;

26- Working as tractor driver or with any agricultural machinery;

27- Working in garment factories (textile) including painting and texturing;

28- -Working as bondman while their parents get loan and force their children to work instead of the commitment;

29-  Working on overtime in nights (19 until 06 o’clock).

According to article 120 of Labor Law and articles of Convention No. 182, regarding job conditions for child labor, the heavy and hazardous works for children are prohibited.