The First Afghanistan’s Refinery Opened

Kam International Oil is the first Afghanistan’s Refinery that in fact is a joint investment between Kam Group of Companies and an Azerbaijani Company with USD 30 million capitals. The refinery has capacity to refine 500 tons petroleum daily. All products of the refinery will be checked and then certified by Afghanistan Norm and Standard Authority (ANSA) and SGS Co. (a Swiss Company). The refinery was opened on Sunday, 25 August at Hairatan Town of Balkh Province.

Additionally, Kam International Oil put foundation stone of second phase of the refinery with same capital and same capacity. Both phases are expected to refine 45000 tons petroleum monthly.

Grand opening of the refinery was attended by Mr. Abdul Jamil Arez, Deputy Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Mr. Khan Jan Alkozay, Vice-Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, CEO of ACCI, Mr. Mohammad Zaher Wahdat, Deputy Governor of Balkh Province and around 200 people including Afghan and Azerbaijani investors.

Mr. Alkozay highlighted importance of the refinery to approach self-sufficiency of Afghanistan. “We are able to be released our dependence to neighboring countries and approach self-sufficiency, in term support our local manufactures only.” He said

Mr. Haqjo also appreciated Kam Group of Companies for its initiatives and said that in considering our local oil needs and also existing huge natural reserves in Afghanistan, we need to pay seriously attention to refine our petroleum inside of the country toward prevent currency flight as well as create thousands job opportunities.

Afghanistan needs 10,000 tons different kind oil products daily which currently are imported from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Pakistan and Iran.

In considering, the Investment Incentive Policy which has been recently approved by government and also existence huge natural reserves in Afghanistan, ACCI hopes that foreign and local investments move to exploitation and refining local petroleum.