Message of Chairman

I welcome you to the website of ACCI, the private sector voice of a dynamic, competitive and rapidly growing Afghan economy.

Almost a decade ago, the people of Afghanistan and the international community embarked on a journey to rebuild a nation stunned by a long past of violence and destruction. On this shared journey we have reached many of our anticipated destinations. We, in the leadership of the chamber, are grateful to our members and strategic partners for ensuring that the journey has been rewarding.

The Afghan private sector fully subscribes to, and supports, the Vision as stated in the Afghanistan National and Private Sector Development strategies, which, by 2020 envisages - A stable Islamic constitutional democracy at peace with itself and its neighbors, standing with full dignity in the international family.

A tolerant, united, and pluralist nation that honors its Islamic heritage and deep aspirations toward participation, justice, and equal rights for all. A society of hope and prosperity based on a strong, private sector-led market economy, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

The private sector is the engine of growth and the chamber is its engine room. The enhancement of the enabling environment is the fundamental element towards harnessing the many untapped opportunities in Afghanistan and the creation of local wealth and employment. In order to turn the comparative advantages of the country into genuine competitiveness the private sector contribution requires confidence in the future, mutual trust, dialogue and most of all a streamlined regulatory framework with diverse and efficient institutions. An effective economic and social dialogue that will build the required confidence and trust is an essential aspect of a well functioning private sector. Therefore, the building of capacity of business representative organizations is crucial.

The ACCI, together with Government and strategic partners have entered into a compact to mobilize both domestic and foreign direct investment in all sectors of the economy and to free up government resources towards greater levels of privatization and thereby improve the provision of public services and address existing market failures and distortions.

Through further pursuance of this journey the private sector will contribute sustainably towards adding to the over 14000 companies that have been registered since 2003 and the increase of capital exceeding 7 Billion US$. Our rapid economic growth, with double digit figures almost every year, has led to higher income and better living conditions for our people. With a developing network of roads, a state-of- the-art communications infrastructure and a competitive service industry Afghanistan is ideally located to serve as an economic hub in our region.

However, challenges remain. Among these are the threat of unrest and the menace of narcotics, betrayal of public trust, poorly coordinated and inefficient aid delivery mechanisms, weak national and sub-national governance and the need to rebuild our judiciary. All these are formidable tasks. In recognition of these challenges, Afghanistan’s National Development Strategy (ANDS) reflects the commitment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to poverty reduction and private sector-led economic growth for a prosperous and stable Afghanistan.

We in ACCI look forward to working with our government colleagues, civil society representatives, tribal elders and religious scholars, the international community and, most importantly, fellow Afghans to realize the Afghanistan Compact benchmarks and Millennium Development Goals.

Haji Hossain Fahim
Chairman ACCI