ACCI Establishes Four New Provincial Chambers

Afghanistan is a country with untapped business opportunities and great potential. It has a number of comparative advantages that can be turned into competitiveness, given the right support and strategic direction. The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) fully embraces this ideal and is in the process to make it a reality.

In order to live up to its vision, the chamber represents the interests of the private sector and provides services to its 250,000 members including direct ACCI’s members (3500 companies) and also members of 164 business association, union and cooperative organizations, as indirect members.

Hence, Based on Article no.6 of ACCI’s law and according to decision of ACCI’s board of directors, ACCI has recently established four provincial chambers, in Panjshir province on 21 May in Maidan Wardak province on 14 March, in Helmand province on 21 February and in Laghman province on 1 February 2015.

ACCI has also decided to expend its objective in developing private sector in the a few remaining provinces by this year. By completion of this task, ACCI will represent 90 percent of the workforce in Afghanistan.

The provincial chambers started their operations, with a number of members from various sectors, during glorious opening ceremonies which were mostly attended by High ranking governmental officials, governors, parliamentarians, and ACCI’s leadership.

According to ACCI’s Bylaw, the board members of provincial chambers are elected for a three-year period through elections and under supervision of Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission (IEC). Therefore till the conduction of elections, three prominent traders of the each named provinces will conduct operations of the chambers.

To view photos of each the named provincial chambers, please click here.