International AgFair takes place in Badam Bagh Kabul

The international agricultural and industrial fair was opened by the minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock and the US ambassador on Wednesday 14 Mizan 1389 in the AgFair center of Afghanistan in Badam Bagh, Kabul. The opening ceremony of the fair was attended by representatives of different domestic and foreign institutions such as farmers, traders and agricultural entrepreneurs, international investors, governmental officials and visitors.

The minister of agriculture of Afghanistan expressed hope in the opening ceremony that the AgFair would create good business opportunities for traders and producers to sign contracts. He added that the farmers will be provided with 25 hectares of land to farm or invest in creation of factories. “We try to increase the level of pomegranate production during the coming years. The forests and the type of seeds in the farms have also been improved so the Afghan exporters will have better crops” he continued.

The US ambassador to Afghanistan, Eikenberry also said in the opening of the AgFair “Farmers are the pillar of the society. The US government has a good partnership with the Afghan government. They try to create such conditions in a national and regional level that will create business opportunities in the agriculture sector.” He further said “The US funds national and international agricultural exhibitions such as the current one to motivate business and create opportunities in the agriculture sector.” In a country, where 80 per cent of the population lives in rural areas, strengthening legal crops and creation of employment in the agriculture sector are the necessary steps towards successful development in the region.

The fair was the biggest exhibition of agricultural and industrial products which continued for three days. The fair brought together the biggest importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, producers, particularly handicraft and carpet producers, production material suppliers and service providers that were looking for new markets and quality product suppliers.

Afghanistan’s handicrafts including agricultural and farm products, carpets and leather products were exhibited in more than 200 booths in the fair to further introduce and market the country’s handicrafts and agricultural products.

The fair also hosted face to face meetings between Afghan agricultural traders and traders from India, China, Kuwait, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Italy, the Netherlands, UK and the USA. The fair tried to create profitable opportunities for Afghan fresh fruits and vegetables and employment opportunities for thousands of Afghan farmers by organizing business meetings, deals and partnerships.

It is worth mentioning that the fair was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock with financial assistance from the USAID in cooperation with the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Afghanistan Investment Support Agency and the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan.

According to the booth owners, the international Kabul AgFair created the opportunity of establishing new contacts in the developing agricultural sector and is considered the most important business fair for the agriculture of Afghanistan.