Surveys and Studies

6th ACCI Business Tendency Survey Report

This survey reveals that that business community has lost the enthusiasm that they expressed in last November, a month after the establishment of the National Unity government. Herat and Kabul show the least favorable conditions, while Balkh, Nangarhar and Kandahar are comparatively more confident regarding the six coming months. The  comparison  of  three latest  surveys  shows  that  the  real  business  condition  has  largely worsened after the last presidential elections.
The business climate for both SMEs and Large enterprises has deteriorated but SMEs report worse condition.

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Afghan Businesses Continue to Suffer Because of Insecurity, Poor Infrastructure and Lack of Demands; But Optimistic Forecasts Prevail

According to the ACCI Business Monitor Report published today, businesses still continue to suffer from a poor business condition, but meanwhile they are very optimistic about the coming six months. Compared to the earlier season when businesses experienced an unprecedented decline amid the electoral confusion and subsequent political uncertainties, the business climate slightly improved in autumn (September, October and November 2014).

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4th ACCI Business Tendency Survey: Political Confusions Affects Businesses Extensively

This survey reveals that the business climate in general has deteriorated during last three months, but SMEs have suffered more from the volatile and unstable business condition which means they are more vulnerable to changes in business climate caused by politics, security and climate factors.

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ACCI Business Tendency Survey Report

Business Tendency survey shows improvement in all four sectors, same to our last report manufacturing performance is the best among the four surveyed sectors. Kabul, Balkh and Kandahar business has improved compared to last survey (Oct 2013). The overall climate indicator shows a higher value because of better climate in Nangarhar.

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Afghanistan’s Exports Increase by 33 Percent in 1392 Solar Year

Despite existence multiple challenges facing exports of Afghanistan, but have increased significantly in 1392 Solar Year in comparing last year.

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Afghanistan Exports Increases by 49 Percent in last three quarters of 2013

Despite export industry faces multiple challenges, but has increased significantly, 49 percent in last three quarters of 2013 in comparing last year. Based on fact and figures released from Export and Industries Promotion Department of ACCI, Afghanistan has exported goods in value of USD 399 million in the last three quarters of 2013. Whereas had exported USD 267 million by same period of 2012. It indicates 49 percent increase in exports of the country in last nine months.

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Second ACCI Business Monitor Report

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) announced the result of its second Business Tendency Survey Report, on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

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First ACCI Business Monitor Report

For reading ACCI's business monitor survey, please download the PDF file.

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General Directorate of Customs - Customs Tariff

Classification of goods in the Nomenclature shall be governed by the following principles:

1. The titles of Sections, Chapters and sub-Chapters are provided for ease of reference only; for legal purposes, classification shall be determined according to the terms of the headings and any relative Section or Chapter Notes and, provided such headings or Notes do not otherwise require, according to the following provisions:

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Afghan National Business Agenda

A National Business Agenda (NBA) is an advocacy tool created by the business community, in a given country, to improve the commercial environment in which businesses operate. NBAs identify laws and regulations that hinder business activity and thwart economic growth and job creation. They also offer concrete policy recommendations and specific legislative or regulatory reforms to remove these barriers and improve the business climate.

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