The One Day Training on Marketing Skills to Young Entrepreneurs Conducted

The one day training on Marketing Skills to Young Entrepreneurs was conducted on Feb 06, 2013. Total 30 youth from Azad Andizhan Youth Association participated.

Day first begin with Mr. Rahimullah Hamid K-CCI director and Mr. Ahmad Khalid Yousofi TAFA Deputy Chief of Party’s speeches.

“It is the time and a golden opportunity for Afghan Young Entrepreneurs to enhance and develop their capacity in Marketing and other trade related topics said by Mr. Rahimullah Hamid director for K- CCI.” He has also added that Young Businessmen and women who are member with ACCI coming to this office and asking if they find any reliable source for developing their capacity in trade and business. We thanks TAFA for their strong support developing our youth capacity and skills in Marketing in other trade related topics.

I personally wish TAFA to continue it support and to develop Afghan Youth Capacity of knowledge and skills in the future as well.

Both have emphasized on the importance of the training and had urged training participants to pay full attention and gain more knowledge and skills throughout the day.

Later Mr. Hedayatullah Arbab TAFA Trade and Customs Communication Advisor delivered his presentation on marketing skills and had fully discussed the topic and other relevant issues with training participants.

A half day preparedness Meeting with Afghan Young Entrepreneurs Conducted:

On Feb 25, 2013 the half day preparedness meeting with 44 Afghan Young Entrepreneurs has jointly organized with K- CCI. The purpose of this meeting was to brief the young entrepreneurs and to find and select committed and interested young trader for the upcoming Youth Trade Forum. The aim of Youth Trade Forum Concept is to engage Afghan young entrepreneur in trade and to promote export by youth’s active participation in the country economical growth.

During the forum young entrepreneurs/traders will highlight their needs in the area of trade/export, will gain awareness on the positive impact of trade, and will discuss recommendations and solution for their problems.

In order to achieve the mentioned goal. Total 20-30 young entrepreneurs will be selected with coordination of deputy ministry of youth affairs (MoCI) and K- CCI. They will meet once a month and youth will have the opportunity to express their ideas, opinions, and needs to decision makers, govt and non govt related organizations or to other youth as well.

The meeting officially started at 09:00 AM and ended at 12:00 PM. At the beginning TAFA Youth Specialist and K-CCI director has briefed meeting participants by delivered a short presentation on the concept of Youth Trade Forum. Meeting participants responded positively and had welcomed the new initiative of organizing the mentioned Forum. Meanwhile several questions were raised from the meeting participants which answered by TAFA Youth Specialist and K- CCI director.

A list of 24 youth traders had been prepared and the mention Youth Trade Forum will be organized in March where we will be meeting with listed 24 youth traders.