Message of CEO

Respected ACCI leadership, BoD members and the private sector community,

Salamun Alikum,

First of all I present my sincere thanks to the ACCI leadership and Board of Directors for trusting me as the Chief Executive Officer of ACCI.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) as a recognized national entity and the private sector’s apex organization is committed to advocate and support the private sector interests for the improvement of trades, investments and the domestic industries.

ACCI Executive team is leading the administrative and operational affairs of the Chamber in order to facilitate improved, timely and quality services to our constituencies and thus facilitates the development of national economy.

The business challenges and problems have disturbingly grown in recent years. In addition to the general unfavorable political and security environments, Afghan businesses continue to suffer from the inappropriate legal frameworks, extortions, corruption, transit problems in neighboring countries. Meanwhile lack of business incentives, the absence of encouraging policies and programs, and lack of proper infrastructures stop businesses to grow and therefore negatively affects the national welfare and public revenues.

The ACCI Executive team feels itself obliged to work for resolving the existing challenges and find solutions to facilitate better services, promote private sector and contribute in improving the national economy. The ACCI executive has established professional and productive relations with the government and nongovernment line agencies and partners, and consistently advocates the private sector interests in government policy and public services agencies.

I am confident that my colleagues will spare no chance to serve for the mentioned purposes with proper supports from the private sector community. They will be backing me in my efforts to provide conducive business environment under Afghanistan Constitution, the ACCI Law and the country’s economic policies, so that together we will achieve our business and economic development goals.

Let’s pray for a peaceful and welfare Afghanistan.

Atiqullah Nusrat

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI)