ACCI Attends the 29th General Assembly of ICCIA

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, Deputy CEO on behalf of ACCI attended the 29th General Assembly of Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture (ICCIA) on 25 April, 2013 in Doha, Qatar.

At the beginning, the assembly reviewed reports of the pervious board of directors’ meetings and since there was no objection on its contents, they were adopted.

The General Assembly adopted the nomination submitted by the 16th Meeting of the Board of Directors, on the basis of which, 17 members, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Niger, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunis, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirate, Djibouti, Palestine and Iraq were elected to the membership of the Board of Directors for the new term 2017 –2013)).

The General Assembly unanimously agreed to elect Shaikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, Chairman of Council Chambers of Saudi as President of the Islamic Chamber unopposed for the new term (2013-2017).

The General Assembly agreed that the President shall have three Vice Presidents. In accordance to nominations submitted by the Members, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Jassim Bin Mohd Al-Thani, (Chairman of QCCI) was elected as First Vice President, Mr. Mustafa Rifat, (Chairman of TOBB) and Mr. Ahmed Al-Wakeel (Chairman of Egypt Chamber of Commerce) were elected as Vice Presidents.

And then, the assembly discussed on Next 4-Year’s Work Plan. The President asked all member states to get involvement in preparing the Work Plan in correspondence to their countries’ economic circumstances. Thus, in order the Islamic Chamber would have a comprehensive work plan, in considering efficiency and effectively of the plan and addressing responsibility of each member, Mr. Nusrat suggested to the Board of Directors that the board would share out the draft work plan with other members before its approval in order to make it a practical work plan in line with the plans of National Chambers of the member states rather than having a wish list. The suggestion was sustained and agreed by the board.

On the previous 10 Year Work Plan and the necessity of revising the same and developing it, so as to cope with the economic changes that are taking place at the level of the member states and the world at large, the members were requested to give their views on what they may want to suggest of amendments or additions, so as to attain an updated Plan, so that all views and recommendations be collected and submitted to a Task Force that would drive the suitable aspects and include them in the updated Plan for its adoption and implementation.

The President requested the members to give further attention to the Islamic Chamber and its activities and to extend cooperation and work collectively, so as to enable the Chamber to realize its desirable objectives. He also underlined the importance of research, development, proper information and statistics, hence the Chamber without proper information and statistics, is considered a body without a brain.

Number of Halal Agreements, were ready for signature with a number of Institutions of the Member States. As a result, the General Assembly witnessed signing of agreements between ICCIA and following Institutions:

  • Halal Agreement with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Halal Agreement with the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce
  • Halal Agreement with the Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation
  • Halal Agreement with the Jordan Chamber of Commerce
  • Halal Agreement with the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce

The General Assembly provided the opportunity for the representative of ACCI, Mr. Nusrat, to have individual meetings with Mr. Remy Rawhani, Director General of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mr. Fahad M. Al-Rabiah, Vice Chairman of Council of Saudi Chambers and discuss the enhancement of business relations between Afghanistan and their countries through mutual cooperation of the chambers, as a result it was agreed and decided to sign MoUs between ACCI and Qatar Chamber and ACCI and Council of Saudi Chambers, soon business through the exchange official delegations ACCI will witness the mentioned MoUs to be signed.

Islamic Chamber of Commerce currently has 57 member states. Afghanistan has been member of the chamber since 2008 and participates the Annual General Assemblies actively.

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